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4 Reasons to Hire Someone to Clean Your House

Updated: Nov 24, 2020

My boyfriend and I hate doing chores. Who doesn't? By the time we get home after our 9-5 jobs or have a free weekend, the last thing we want to worry about is cleaning. Back in October 2019, we hiring a cleaning service to clean our house every 3 weeks, and it has been a godsend. We love being able to come home to a clean house and not have to worry about doing it ourselves.

Here are some of the benefits of hiring help to keep your house clean:

It saves time

My boyfriend and I each used to work about an hour away from where we live. In addition, we work and volunteer for a local community theatre, which leaves us little time to clean the house. And any time we do have, we don't want to clean. By hiring someone to clean, it makes it easier for our lives because we don't stress about having time to clean the house ourselves. Even though we're working from home now, we're still working a full day and we don't always want to clean our house after a long day.

It helps the economy

One of my favorite reasons/excuses for paying someone to do the work I don't want to do is saying it helps the economy. Hey, it's true! Paying for services you cannot do yourself/do not want to do yourself helps the economy and supports local businesses. Think of it this way: if you don't want to cook, you order take out or go to a restaurant and pay to eat. If you need to rotate your car's tires and cannot do it yourself, you take it to a car shop and pay them to do the service for you. Why not think of hiring someone to clean your house as the same thing?

They know what they are doing

I was able to find our house cleaning service through Yelp. They've been in the business since the mid-2000s, and each time I come home after they clean I'm always satisfied. Cleaners go through extensive training to make sure they are cleaning correctly and efficiently. Our house, for example, has granite countertops in the kitchen, so we have a special cleaner to keep our granite counters clean. Our cleaning service requires us to provide our own cleaning supplies, paper towels, and trash bags. Knowing that there is someone able to clean our house the right way with the right tools and chemicals makes the price worth it.

You pay for what you want them to clean

At the time we hired the house cleaning service, we didn't have our own dishwasher. So on top of our normal chores, we also had to carve out time to handwash dishes. When we hired the house cleaning service, we requested that they do their normal services but we did not want them to clean our dishes or do our laundry. That saved us an extra $20 per visit, and it still gave us something to do ourselves. Now, we have our own dishwasher so cleaning dishes go by much faster! You can customize how much or how little you want them to clean; if you want to add or reduce services, you may need to renegotiate with them since the price could change, so a heads up is always appreciated.

We found our cleaner through Yelp, but anywhere that has a search bar (Facebook, Google, etc.) will be a good resource for finding a cleaner. Your friends or family may have suggestions as well, so don't hesitate to ask them!

Did I convince you to hire someone to clean your house? If yes, here are some things to consider in order to find the right cleaner:

  1. What is your price range?

  2. How often do you want your house/apartment cleaned?

  3. Do they have positive reviews?

  4. How will they access your home to clean your house if you are away?

  5. Do their services cover the area you're located in?

  6. Does the company offer a one-time cleaning service or do you need to pay for recurring services in order to use them?

  7. Do you have to provide your own cleaning supplies or will the house cleaner bring their own?

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