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What I Did After I Got Engaged

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

I'm officially engaged! My fiance, Dave, proposed a few weeks ago in front of the Woodstock Opera House, where we first met. Due to COVID-19, we are planning a longer engagement so we can celebrate in-person with our friends and family. I'm in the process of getting my ring insured under our renter's insurance, but I've been thinking about other wedding-related things. While our wedding is a couple of years away, here's what I started working on to prepare for the big day.

Created an email address specifically for wedding information

It's no surprise that email is one of the most popular forms of communication. I have a couple of email addresses I use to section out the type of content I get: my college email for alumni-related news, my work email, my personal email, and my freelance work email. Anything that will be related to our wedding now has its own email inbox. That way, when our wedding is over, I won't be bombarded by wedding information I no longer need.

Set up folders in Google Drive

I'm a big fan of Google Drive and planners. Sometimes it makes more sense for me to write things down to remember them, and other times it makes more sense to type something out that I can easily access later. Since there are so many things that need to be planned and organized for our wedding, I'm choosing to keep everything document-wise on Google Drive. Luckily, my wedding email is set up through Google, so I can keep everything under one account. I found this great template from Reddit for wedding planning spreadsheets that I already saved to Google Drive to use in the future.

Subscribed to Miss to Mrs. Box

This was actually a gift from my mom that I would have never thought of myself. Miss to Mrs. Box is a subscription box for wedding-related products like decorations, apparel, drinkware, wedding planning items, and more. Depending on what package you decide to order, you can edit the frequency of boxes and how many boxes you want. My mom ordered 9 boxes to be sent over the course of 18 months, so every two months I'll receive a box.

Created an account on The Knot

Since we're planning a long engagement, it's a little too early to set up our wedding website and registration. However, I did create a general account on The Knot. When the time comes that we're ready to create our website and registry, I already know which wedding service we'll use. Plus, The Knot offers an option for guests to offer cash presents for wedding presents, which we plan on using when we set up our registry.

Thought about what I DON'T want

When I was in college, I was torn about what I wanted to do career-wise. Instead of stressing over what I thought I wanted to do, I started with thinking about what I DIDN'T want to do. By thinking about what I didn't want to study, it helped me narrow out choices and put more focus on what I did want to study, which ended up being marketing and social media. That's how I'm approaching wedding planning; to help narrow down so many possibilities when it comes to a wedding. We decided not to have a traditional Catholic wedding ceremony [both of our parents are Catholic], and we don't want to hire a videographer. Because I eliminated those options right away, I can start thinking about other venue options and allocate more money towards a photographer.

Started saving

With a longer engagement, we have the benefit of having more time to save money for the wedding. I was using Qapital to help save money each week whenever I use my debit card. I set up a new savings goal in Qapital for our wedding with two goals to help fill the account: transfer $25 each week and follow the 52-week savings challenge for the next calendar year. By the end of 2021, I should have around $2k set aside specifically for wedding expenses. I'll be more aggressive with setting money aside for the wedding once we set a date and the date gets closer, but for now, having a specific spot where I can put wedding funds will be helpful.

After my fiance proposed, we decided to have a longer engagement. Check out what items I've already considered for our wedding before we set140/140After my fiance proposed, we decided to have a longer engagement. Check out what items I've already considered for our wedding before we set140/140Did I miss anything? What are some things you did after you got engaged?

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