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Favorite HelloFresh Recipes

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

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It was a challenge to learn how to cook for one person when I graduated from college. I hated the idea of leftovers, but it was hard to find recipes for one person, or find ingredients that weren't packaged for family-sized meals. When I moved in with my boyfriend [Dave], he was having a similar issue with cooking for himself. We ended up getting a subscription to HelloFresh to learn how to cook, and we absolutely love it. Check out some of our favorite HelloFresh recipes below:

Apricot Ginger Chicken

This recipe is my boyfriend's favorite. The ginger pairs really well with apricot jam, which I never thought to use together. It's a well-balanced meal that's easy to make. It's a little harder for us to make this without the ingredients from HelloFresh [mainly finding apricot jam in the grocery store], so we don't usually make this recipe unless we get the ingredients from HelloFresh. If you make this without getting the ingredients from HelloFresh, I'd recommend using fresh or minced ginger rather than dried ginger if you're able to.

Zucchini and Tomato Flatbread

I'm not a vegetarian, but I love finding meal options that don't contain meat. Growing up Catholic, during Lent [the 40 days before Easter], we couldn't have meat on Fridays, and it got old eating fish or cheese pizza. I'm a sucker for anything with cheese or basil, so I had to order this recipe the first time I saw it. I absolutely love it! It's pretty easy to make if you don't order the ingredients from HelloFresh.

Korean Beef Bibimbap

This is one recipe my boyfriend and I both enjoy. I traveled to South Korea back in 2016 and loved all the food options there. Being able to recreate something Korean at home brings me back to all the great food. Dave nicknames it "Bibbidi Bobbidi" since he can't pronounce "bibimbap." This is another recipe that's easy to create if you don't order the recipe from HelloFresh. Dave isn't the biggest fan of carrots, and both of us hate mushrooms, so if we make this on our own, we omit those ingredients. HelloFresh does have bibimbap recipes using other types of meat, but we like the beef version the best.

Veggie Caprese Sandwich

I always order this from HelloFresh whenever it's available. It's an easy recipe to whip up during my lunch break while working from home, or prepping what I need to the night before. Dave isn't a fan of this recipe as much as me, so I usually have both servings as two lunches during the week.

Garlic Herb Tortellini

Dave and I started incorporating more recipes with tortellini when quarantine first started. I love that HelloFresh not only offers this recipe including tortellini but they also sometimes include tortellini as an extra item to add to your weekly order. Dave's only complaint with this recipe is that there's not enough sauce. This is a really easy recipe to make without the ingredients from HelloFresh. If we make it ourselves, I cut down the number of tomatoes since Dave isn't the biggest fan of them.

One thing I don't like about HelloFresh is that you can't omit ingredients when you select your meals. As mentioned above for the Korean Beef Bibimbap recipe, Dave and I hate mushrooms, and whenever we order that recipe we never use them. They do list what ingredients are included with each recipe, but I wish when they publish the menus they would also mention what ingredients you need in your kitchen (butter, sugar, etc.); I was caught one time from a recipe that needed butter which I didn't have in the house.

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