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Why You Should Blacklist Words on Facebook

While Facebook offers a profanity filter for pages, it doesn't always catch certain words you'd rather not see on Facebook. If you are in charge of moderating your Facebook page's comments, it can be both time-consuming and exhausting to sort through every comment to deem if it needs to be hidden or deleted, especially before other Facebook followers find it. Luckily, Facebook has a feature called "Page Moderation" where you can add your own words to be automatically hidden on Facebook. By adding in words you don't want your followers to see on Facebook, you're saving time and making your life a little easier when it comes to commenting moderation.

What does it mean when a comment is hidden? It means that only the person who posted the comment and their Facebook friends can see the comment. While some of your Facebook followers could potentially see the comment, you're not subjecting all of your Facebook followers to the content, especially if it is vulgar or harmful. The comment still exists, so if it needs further attention or needs to be deleted, you can still access the comment.

Here are some benefits for hiding comments with blacklisted words:

Prevent Bullying

Online harassment, unfortunately, has only gotten worse in the age of social media. As many of us know, it's easier to write harmful words about someone rather than saying it to a person's face. By hiding words that are commonly used to bully others, you can help limit your audience to the subjection of bullying.

Protect Your Facebook Followers

This goes hand-in-hand with preventing bullying. Depending on the content you or your company promotes on Facebook, your followers may not want to be subjected to vulgar, lewd, or unnecessary comments. Depending on the context, it may be okay to have a blacklisted word in the comment, but it's better to be safe than sorry.

Filter Out Irrelevant Comments

A few years back, I had a Facebook page that spammed us constantly on my company's Facebook page because our page had the word 'prize' in the description. This page also had nothing to do with our company, so I eventually banned them for spam. By utilizing a blacklist, you can sort through comments that may not be relevant to the post.

Having a blacklist of words to hide on Facebook is only one step. If you expect certain behavior from your followers, you should implement a social media policy for your Facebook page that highlights rules you want your followers to abide by. That way, when you're moderating comments and see repeat offenders, you have justification to either call them out or completely ban them from the page. In addition, if there is a concern in the person's comment that may have a blacklisted word, I can still address it so their concern can hopefully be resolved.

At the end of the day, haters gonna hate, hate, hate, hate, hate, but you can help prevent some of the hatred by blacklisting words you don't want to be associated with your Facebook page. You can download my FREE list of words to blacklist on social media.

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