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My Favorite Harry Potter Podcasts

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

How many times can someone reread Harry Potter? The limit does not exist! I love the Harry Potter series, and I'm always looking for a fresh perspective when I re-read the series. Each time I reread the series, I'm able to catch something I didn't give much thought to before. Listening to podcasts about Harry Potter has changed how I view the series, even being a lifelong fan. Check out some of my Harry Potter related podcasts below!

Binge Mode - Harry Potter

The hosts, Mallory and Jason, take deep dives into popular series and discuss them in detail. They not only reviewed the books, but they also reviewed the movies. Since they talk about different series, they officially finished Harry Potter in 2019, so they are not recording any new Harry Potter-related podcast episodes.

Harry Potter and the Sacred Text

If you're interested in a learning experience while reading Harry Potter, look no further than Harry Potter and the Sacred Text. The hosts, Vanessa and Casper, go through all seven books, chapter by chapter, and analyze each chapter as if it was a sacred text. "Sacred" mostly means treating the text as a trusted source and that there is meaning in everything you read. They take some religious ideas to analyze the text but don't fret if you're not religious and still want to listen. They also attach a central theme to each chapter to keep everyone on the same page while they're analyzing the text.

Harry Potter at Home

This is the newest podcast for Harry Potter related podcasts. In each episode, someone from the Harry Potter universe/community reads a chapter of Harry Potter.


This is my absolute favorite Harry Potter podcast. The premise is that a 20-something man who has never read the Harry Potter series reads the series for the first time. Since 2019, he has finished the series, so he evaluates other aspects of Harry Potter (Cursed Child, the movies, parodies, etc.). It's a refreshing, funny take on the Harry Potter series. If you hate the concept of Quidditch and want to listen to someone poke at the flaws of it, this is your podcast.

Unspoiled! - Harry Potter

This was actually my first Harry Potter related podcast I ever listened to! This series from Unspoiled! is hosted by Natasha and Roshawn. The basic premise of Unspoiled! podcasts are that two hosts view a series or read a series: one host has read the series/knows everything about the series (Natasha), while the other host goes in completely blind (Roshawn). My favorite is when Natasha reads some of the chapters on the podcast and you listen to Roshawn's genuine reactions!

Did I miss any podcasts you think I should listen to? Let me know in the comments below!

*I do not support the transphobic statements made by the author of the Harry Potter series.

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