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Practicing Yoga at Home

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Yoga is one of my favorite activities. Not only is yoga a great way to stay in shape, but it also helps keep my anxiety at bay. I love the experience of going to a yoga studio and practicing with other people, but due to the pandemic and moving to a new state, I haven't found a new yoga studio. Instead, I've been practicing yoga at home, and you can too!


I've found it easier to practice yoga at home once I bought the right equipment. I have a yoga mat and bolster to help with my practice. In addition, I have a water bottle handy to help keep me hydrated during my sessions.

The Room

It's important to have the right environment when practicing yoga. When selecting a space, make sure it is easy to remove distractions, but also that it's easy for you to practice poses without fear of slipping. I'm currently in an apartment complex that has limited non-carpet spaces, so I'm set up in a room that doubles as my office/a guest bedroom. Practicing on a carpeted surface is a little easier on my knees, but I would not consider it ideal if you had the choice to choose between carpeted or non-carpeted surfaces. Here's a good tutorial on how to make a DIY Yoga Board for a carpeted space.


One of the reasons why I liked practicing at a yoga studio was because of the instructors. It was easier for me to practice yoga while having someone give instructions rather than trying to piece instructions together myself. To recreate this at home [to my best ability], I utilize videos on YouTube, apps on my phone, and videos on FabFitFun TV. One of my favorite online yoga instructors is Sarah from Subtle Yogi, whom I went to college with! When you choose your poses, make sure to keep in mind how much room you have in the space itself. I like being next to a wall to help with stability for some of my poses, so I normally set up my mat where I can easily touch a wall.

The Ambiance

I like having a little background noise when I'm practicing yoga. I will either set a playlist of calming music or ocean waves while I practice. Not only is this helpful for tuning out unnecessary noises, but it can help ease your mind. I have a few candles and a Himalayan salt lamp to help create a calming environment in the room.


Not only is it important to have the right space to practice yoga, but you need the right attire. Personally, I like wearing leggings and form-fitting tops. If it's colder I don't mind wearing a shirt with longer sleeves. While I've been stuck at home during quarantine, I've been wearing a lot of athleisure/athletic wear, mostly because I don't want to deal with wearing jeans. Check out these great finds from Adidas I'm currently obsessed with!

In summary, yoga is one of my favorite activities to do at home to keep me healthy both physically and mentally. There are so many ways to practice yoga at home, whether you have time for a full 60-minute session or want to do a mini-session before you fall asleep. While I played numerous sports growing up, I was never as flexible until I started practicing yoga. After a few sessions, I could finally touch my toes! What success stories do you have from practicing yoga at home?

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