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Printsfield Socks

This item was received as a gift in exchange for review.

Who doesn't want to take their feline friend with them wherever they go? I've had my cat, Duke, for almost seven years. I didn't think I would want a piece of clothing with his face on it, but I was wrong! These personalized socks from Printsfield make the perfect gift.

My Printsfield socks and my cat, Duke.

I love how long these socks are. I tend to have issues with having socks get bunched up and falling below my ankle. I don't have to worry about that with these socks! The material is comfortable and feels durable for multiple washes. Printsfield also offers other personalized items: boxers, briefs, laptop sleeves, and notebooks.

There were two concerns I had with the product once it arrived:

The size

I normally wear a size 8 shoe, so I thought ordering a size medium would fit. The socks were much smaller than I realized they would be. If you're planning to order these socks, I would suggest ordering a size larger than you normally would.

The picture quality

For the design, I would imagine that they have a standard template for the photo to be uploaded to. Because of this, it appears that the cat photo template is 'one size fits all', meaning if your subject doesn't fit in the template, they will cut out features. I was a little bummed because my cat, Duke, is a medium-hair Mainecoon-mix, but the sock makes him appear to be a shorthair.

Overall, these personalized socks make for a great gift at an affordable price. And, if you are interested in ordering some for yourself, use the discount code jennandtoniclife20 at checkout for 20% OFF your purchase! This code works for anything on their site.

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