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The Best Way to Make a Tied Fleece Blanket

No-Sew Blankets are my go-to gifts for friends and family. As the name suggests, they don't require a sewing machine to make. They're easy to make while you have a TV show playing in the background or need to make a personalized gift.

I make my blankets a little different than what the other tutorials suggest. Instead of traditionally tying the ends of the fabric together, I loop them. That way, the knot stays longer and looks consistent throughout the blanket.


  • 2 pieces of fleece fabric (colors of your choice, make sure they coordinate)

1 yard each for making a baby blanket

2 yards each for making an adult blanket (I've made an adult-sized blanket before using 3 yards each, which is ideal if you have a taller person that wants a blanket)

  • Fabric scissors

  • Ruler


One (1) 4"x4" cardboard square

One (1) 4"x1" cardboard rectangle

1) Lay down your fabric on a flat surface. Lay the two pieces right side out; whatever faces out will be what you see, so keep that mind. Use fabric scissors to cut fabric pieces to the same size. If you have pins, you can pin the pieces of fabric together so they stay put, but it's not required.

2) Use your scissors to cut four squares at the corner pieces of the two fabrics. The squares should measure 4"x4". I have a cardboard template measured out so I can use it for multiple blankets [see the 'optional section' for supplies].

3) Use your scissors to cut 4"x1" strips all around the blanket. Again, I have a cardboard template with the 4"x1" measurement to make the process go faster when cutting around.

4) Once you have all the strips cut out, take a strip [make sure it has both pieces of fabric] and cut a slit in the middle of the section. Make it big enough so you can loop the two pieces in the loop, but not so big that you can see the cut.

5) After you cut the slit in the strips, pull the two pieces of fabric per strip into the loop. This will secure both pieces of fabric together since there is no sewing. If you notice that the pieces start to bunch up, pull gently to stretch out the blanket.

6) Repeat the process all the way around until you are done.

Did I mention these blankets are machine-washable? Super easy to make and super easy to clean!

If you need places to buy fleece fabric, my go-to shops are:

*non-affiliated links

When you're purchasing fabric, make sure there is enough in stock so when they cut you one piece of fabric for each pattern and not multiple cuts. For example, if I need 2 yards of fabric I want one piece of fabric that measures 2 yards and not 2 pieces of fabric that measure 2 yards when combined. Since this project does not require sewing, the fleece fabric needs to be one piece of fabric and not multiple pieces.

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